Work from home – comfy & cute outfits!

Hey, all! Checking in today to see how you’re all doing, and to see how your working from home / self isolation / social distancing is going! Let me know in the comments 🙂

It’s probably going to be an unsettling and uncertain time around the world for a lil while longer, and with so many of us cooped up at home working remotely (or just chillin’!), I thought it would be great to share some of my favourite work-from-home outfits!

You know me – I’m alllll about that comfort. Especially when working from the couch!! (I just can’t get my head around people who work from home in skinny jeans! 🤪). And I can easily fall into that well-known cycle of changing out of my pyjamas to shower, then putting a fresh set of pyjamas back on. Hey – they’re called daytime and nighttime pyjamas! 🤣

But often, feeling like you’ve “got ready” for the day can make a big difference in feeling focused and ready to crack on! Having that structure and differentiation between ‘work time’ and ‘personal time’ is great for productivity while working remote.

So, here I’m sharing some outfits that tick both the ‘cozy’ AND ‘productive’ boxes.

This first outfit is a jumpsuit from Little Mountain. I love this because it is SO comfortable. It’s made from a soft sweatshirt material, and has amazing stretch. You honestly feel like you’re wearing pjs in this – yippee!

It doesn’t have a zip or any uncomfortable parts, so you can easily go from work mode to Netflix mode.

It has a stylish tie detail around the waist that cinches you in and adds more structure, plus deep pockets for carrying around your pen, lip balm – or hand sanitizer. 🙊

Now when you’re sitting on your Zoom or Skype calls with clients or colleagues, you’ll feel super comfy, and look the part too! The top part of this romper looks really professional, with a wrap-front and rolled-up sleeve tips. The colour is cute too, and different to the usual black, grey or white office wear.

I’ve paired mine here with a chunky necklace, and I have my blue light blocking glasses on hand ready for sitting back down at the computer with!

Little Mountain is currently offering free shipping across Canada for all orders $50 CAD or over, which means you can have this jumpsuit shipped to you for free right now!

(Shipping to the US is a flat rate of $12 CAD).

I am 5’6″ and am wearing a size Small here, which is a perfect fit. I’d say it fits true to size.

What’s even cooler with this jumpsuit, is that it’s amazing for when everything gets back to normal, and we can venture outside to our offices or out to meet friends whenever we like again. It looks so cute paired with some brown wedges or white Vans, and an over-the-shoulder purse! How about a denim jacket, or this warm cardigan too! (Both the purse and cardigan linked here comes in a variety of colours). Perfect for meeting the girls for brunch. Ahh, I can feel the sunshine on my face already!!

Here are some other comfy work-from-home outfits!

And of course – here are some cute pyjama sets!

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