How I proposed to my bridesmaids

This was my desk set-up, ready to propose to my bridesmaids over Zoom.
The beautiful floral arrangements are by Deborah Lee Designs.

A few weeks ago I asked my six closest friends to be my bridesmaids, and it was such a special moment for me!

I had sent each of them a bridesmaid proposal box, and I detail everything I put in their boxes in this blog post.

(I fell in love with bridal and bridesmaid gifting so much, that I set up my own small business: GEDA!).

I then asked them not to open their parcels until we spoke over Zoom. We set a virtual date, but I didn’t tell them who else was invited, or what the call was for (although they could probably guess!).

Take a look at this blog post to see everything that went into their boxes.
The bridesmaid boxes all wrapped and ready to ship.

Scheduling this Zoom call was pretty funny! I had sent all their parcels tracked, so kept an eye on daily delivery updates, and prayed they all arrived safe and sound. Only one of them incurred a customs charge, and I got to hand-deliver one, so that was good! 

I messaged them all individually to secure an hour or so in their diaries to ask them. I didn’t want to give too much away so tried to be as mysterious as possible, just to keep it a little more fun! Setting a date and time was actually a lot smoother than I was expecting, seeing as we all live around the world from each other…

I myself live in Vancouver, one Maid of Honour lives in Calgary (one hour in front of me), four of the girls live in England, across London and Nottingham (eight hours in front of me), and one Bridesmaid lives in Sydney (17 hours ahead!). This meant that my poor friend in Sydney had to dial in at 6am her time on a Monday 🙈 and for the others it was either 1pm, 2pm or 9pm on the Sunday. 

I doubly knew I had chosen the right girls, when all six of them were so accommodating and happy to hop on a call at any time of day! 🥰🥰

(Just missing bridesmaid Marianne in this screenshot!)

I am happy to announce that all of the girls accepted, so here is my bridal party:

Sophia – Maid of Honour
Carmen – Maid of Honour
Rachel – Bridesmaid
Ames – Bridesmaid
Alice – Bridesmaid
Marianne – Bridesmaid

I should probably point out that some of the girls don’t actually know each other, as I met them while living in different places. Sophia, Rachel and Marianne know each other well, and Sophia and Ames have met once, and that’s it! So it felt extra special for me to be able to talk to them all together, for the first time ever, and for them to meet, virtually!

In fact, I just burst into happy tears once we said our goodbyes! 🥰🥺😭🥰

The thought that we will all be together in person at our wedding is just so, so exciting. Let’s pray that international travel and big gatherings are all accepted by then!! 🤞

As we couldn’t all be together for a meal, and with the girls having their gift boxes to open, I decided it would be lovely to make the call feel more special from my end by decorating my desk with some beautiful flowers!

I was blown away by these floral arrangements by Deborah Lee Designs. I mentioned that I loved pinks and whites, and peonies, roses or ranunculus, and these are the two arrangements that Deborah put together: a beautiful hand-tied bouquet, and a sprawling table-top display. 😍

The more I admired Deborah’s floral designs, the more I fell in love. Each arrangement was made up of multiple heights and carefully curated layers, and I’d notice different flowers from each new angle I looked.

They transported me to a sun-drenched wildflower garden, and brought such beauty to our home!

Here is Deborah Lee Designs’ Instagram page if you would like to take a look. I would highly recommend her for wedding flowers, events and floral gifts!

I have shared a Reel showing the moment I asked my girls to be my bridesmaids on my Instagram, as well as an IGTV documenting how I made their proposal boxes.

Now I’m off to plan some London hen party fun! 🤩


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