Honest Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress Review

Spoiler alert: It’s the BEST mattress we’ve ever slept on

With our first baby on the way, a good night’s sleep has become more valuable than ever. Although our nights are about to become a little more interrupted than they are now, I wanted to find a high quality mattress that will help us sleep well when we are able to! Having also recently moved back to the UK from Canada, it was the perfect time to invest in a new bed. And so my search for a highly rated mattress began…

There are so many mattress options out there these days, that it can be hard to know where to start. I chose to look at other people’s reviews to begin with which, along with a super informative website, led me to my number one choice: Simba Sleep. We went with their king-sized Hybrid Luxe Mattress, and oh myyy, one month on, I’m so glad that we did! The Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress is genuinely the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on – and that’s saying something, because getting comfortable is becoming more of a challenge as my bump grows!

Here’s why I love it so much:

Temperature Control

In Canada we had an Endy mattress, which I thought was great at the time, but I’ve since noticed how much better I sleep with my Simba mattress! I would always wake up too hot on my Endy mattress, because it was 100% memory foam. But our Simba mattress is hybrid, and the Luxe model in particular has eleven layers of carefully constructed springs, foam, and breathable bamboo-infused wool, which creates amazing temperature control, and means night sweats are a thing of the past! With Simba being available in Canada too, for this reason I’d definitely recommend treating yourself to a Simba mattress over an Endy one if you’re based out there.

Anti-Motion Transfer

This is a fancy way of saying, if you share your bed with a partner or a pet, when they move around in the night, it shouldn’t wake you up anymore! (Unless you have cats like mine, who like to trample over my pillow while meowing when they’re ready for breakfast!) This technology is an absolute game changer, and results in a deeper sleep. I can tell how well it works, because I’ve hardly been waking up at all in the night to pee, and I’ve also been waking up feeling more refreshed in the morning, often before my alarm goes off (which is totally new to me!).

Super Comfortable

The medium-firmness is just right. It caters to all sleep positions, and supports correct alignment of your spine. It’s basically the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on – beds at even the most luxurious hotels we’ve stayed at haven’t even come close, and I’m now always happy to be back in my own bed!

Washable Cover

Even if you use a mattress topper, it’s nice to be able to keep your mattress itself fresh too! With our Simba mattress, we’re able to simply unzip the sleep surface and pop it in the washing machine.


Sustainability and mattresses don’t traditionally pair well together, but I was really impressed with Simba’s ethos. There is so much to mention here, but I’ll summarize some of the coolest points:

  • Simba mattresses are made in the UK
  • They are the UK’s first B-Corp sleep brand!
  • They use 60% less foam than other hybrid mattresses, and the foam they do use is free from harmful chemicals
  • They will collect and recycle any mattress you currently have when your Simba mattress arrives, no matter which brand it is. So there’s no need to send your old one to the landfill 👏


There are only three things I can think of that’s good to be aware of when purchasing a Simba mattress, but as this is a fully honest review I wanted to point them out:

  • Although your mattress will be delivered in a box, making it easy to fit through doorways and up the stairs, you will likely need someone to help you carry your mattress-in-a-box up to your bedroom, as it will be heavy! Particularly for king or super king sized mattresses.
  • You’ll need to allow your mattress to expand for 6 hours once it’s out the box to be at its best, so if you’re needing to sleep on it right away, just be aware of this. (It’s fine to sleep on right away – we certainly did – it just won’t be fully expanded yet).
  • You’ll be parting ways with a decent chunk of money, but with sleep being essential to our health, happiness, and daily functioning, in my opinion it’s an important aspect of life to invest in. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and this mattress range is no exception. You can also spread the cost over monthly interest-free instalments, making it much more doable. And, they have a 10-year guarantee, and a 200 night risk-free trial, for extra peace of mind.

I hope this Simba mattress review has been useful! Happy snoozing 😴


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