About Georgina

Hi! I’m Georgina, a British-born, Vancouver-based lifestyle, fitness, travel and beauty blogger with a love of adventures, escaping to the mountains, working out, skiing, petting allll the animals, drinking copious cups of tea, watching Netflix in my pjs, and keeping it real on the internet! 

I started this blog as a way of documenting travel experiences with my partner, Paddy, including tips we wish we had read before we took off. It quickly became a more rounded lifestyle blog covering more of my interests, such as sharing my favourite places to stay, or fashion and beauty brands I’ve been enjoying. I love to talk about deeper issues too – anything from relationships to mental health. I’m an open book with my friends, so why not also be like that online!

On social media, I’m the same goofy gal I am in real life. Let’s be friends! That’s how I love to position myself – I’m your online bestie, so feel free to DM me or ask me anything.

I love taking photos, I love writing, and I love promoting brands I believe in through creative content and authentic campaigns. 

I run most things here, including the writing, Instagram blogging and photo editing, while Paddy usually takes the photos I’m in and helps with (*eats) the recipes.

I have a Masters in Creative Writing and a Bachelor’s in Media & Communications. My career so far has involved working my way up the ladder within the field of PR, communications and marketing over the span of 10 years, as well as having a background in photography and modelling, so I have lots of experience with content creation and brand marketing. Blogging, Instagram’ing, content creation, and building relationships with my audience and with brands are huge passions of mine.

If you’d like to work together or collaborate on a project, please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!

I am available for Instagram influencer campaigns, content creation, blog posts, brand photo shoots, product reviews, try-on hauls, and PR events. 

I also run a small business: Made by Georgina. I specialize in gifts for brides-to-be, bridesmaid proposal boxes, and other personalized items. It brings me so much joy to help ladies with their wedding planning!

Georgina  x